: : may i ? : :

may i?

yes dear...


may i get marry mama?

what a nonsense you are talking about dear?

its not a nonsense mama..its for real..^^

no! you cant get marry now!

why mama??

coz you cant dear..im worry.. (-_-)

why it'll make you worry mama??

coz i know that you're not prepared yet dear..

owh..okay..i'll wait until you says that i'm prepared enough to build my own family..^^

but till that moment mama, please pray for me..so i'll get a good nice person..^^

and for now, please pray for my success here mama..love both of you! ummi&abah..

dont worry abah&ummi, anakmu di sini pasti tidak akan mengecewakan kalian berdua..insyaALLAH

p/s : final xlama ag..xsampai pun 2 bulan ag..di mana pun kalian(mereka yg membaca) berada doakan kejayaan kami di sini..thx~ *wink* ^^

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