Random #20 : what we do before class

With the name of ALLAH, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

AssalammualaikumWBT and hello there peeps!

just another random post from me..well I dont have enough time to write down post panjang berjela lately..kinda malas fever syndrome hihi

so just take and consider this as my post rajin la yaa.

what we do before class? or what ACTUALLY we do when we're getting bored? 

like other students, sometime we will open our books and study, but sometime we prefer to make a silly dummy things also haha

as you can see in the picture below...

selca! we love doing this SS thing ^^v LOL

me and my friend, Khalilah. 

this is what some people will call SS thing or "syok sendiri" thing, selca! and we love doing it together! LOL

well, I kinda like and love this pictures, it make me laugh heartily last night and make my day also!

sometime something small can carve a big smile on our faces, even just a piece of old photographs. 

memory that we share together with our friends is one of the most beautiful and precious memory that we have. ^^v

keep it as beautiful and funny memories, and it will carve a smile on your face oneday.


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