Bagel Heads NEW trend in Japan?

Bagel Heads?

freaks!! a bunch of people with a weird trend..scary marry lagi ada lah..rupa macam ikan flower horn dah kahkahkah..but seriously SCARY!!

ini apa yang YAHOO reading and information sources every day..^^

Strangely, people in Japan are getting saline injected into their foreheads to make it look like a bagel's been jammed under their skin. Seriously, this is a thing that's happening. They are called bagel heads, or bagelheads. Either way, you've got to check out what this look is all about and what it does to your forehead. Normally, we'd make some joke about how weird Japanese fashion trends are, but we think the facts speak for themselves.

sanggup kah cucuk forehead untuk benda alah ni? adeideidei..mengerunkan!

The process takes around two hours to administer and lasts less than 24 hours before absorbing into the body, leaving a run-of-the-mill forehead where a "beautiful" bagel once was.

tengok seja pun ngeri apatah lagi kalau buat..huh freak show in the house! 

hanya sekadar trend, so siapa yang nak ikut, ikut laa tiada yang larang, eh ada ka yang mo ikut trend pelik and scary ni?? me tak sanggup kot, sayang dahi and takut sakit kena cucuk jarum hehe

macam teda kerja lain kan? trend pelik ni la juga yang mahu di ikut..weird!


LiLI said...

AKu pernah nampak...rasanya la x pasti sgt..di shinjuku..time tu di family mart (mcm 7 eleven juga la), sdg beli mknn, terpandang 2 org pmpuan mcm yg gambar 1st tu...sekali terpandang, terus x berani lagi menoleh hahaha....panik2x

FirdausRock said...


serius wujud? what the