Coffee and Me

AssalammualaikumWBT dan salam sejahtera ^^v

coffee and me?

me and coffee?

hurm..lately, I cannot be separated from coffee, every morning I would drink AT LEAST a cup of coffee to start my day..hihi like adrenaline rush inside me.. woot woot~

while at gamaah ( university) I will draw my feet to the cafeteria during the break to buy a large cup of Latte! yummy! haha but not always okay~ 

and guess what happen to me at night? 

my CNS was stimulated, my eyes was widely open (O_O) and my mind was somehow drifting wherever.

yes indeed it help me to focus more during classes and during day night while studying, but unfortunately I cannot sleep early!! all the systems in my body are stimulated!!! gosh! padan muka aku!

then my doctor asked me to reduce the intake of coffee, cause fear of some side effect..ngeeee~

coffee and the song and rhythm..cannot be separate! chewahhh! haha


p/s : buang tabiat sehari sebelum exam, merapu ntah apa2 *dush!*

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