Tagging 1st..

aq kena tag ni bnda ole cik DAYANA kita..soe lmbt bls tag ko cyg~


Name: Syahniseah Abd Razak

Brother(s): 1

Sister(s): 1

Eye Colour: Dark brown

Shoe Size: absolutely 6~

hair: biar la rahsia~

Piercing: dr tadika ag..but pastu ummi dha xbg pki ag..smpi f4 bru kwn2 tndikkan blik..skit owh~

Height: aq xtau..lma uda aq x ukur tau..hehe..cnfuse @_@

What are you wearing right now? : sweater pink aq n kain d***m

Where do you live: Zagazig, Egypt~

Favourite number: 18..sbb tarikh lahir aq!!

Favourite drink: tea ice stu!!!

Favourite month: mesti la jun..aq lahir bulan ni..n aq trima bnyk hadiah!! Yeah!!

Favourite breakfast: pa2 ja..yg pntg HALAL~


Broken a bone: Stakat ni xpena..nauzubillah xkan pena..

Been in a police car: xmau!!

Fallen for a friend: pena kali ar..?_?

Fallen for a guy/girl in short period of time: smtym..admire ja la..

Swam in the Ocean: mesti la bha..^_^

Fallen asleep in school: ko jgn tnya bdak asrama...hehe..of course la bha jwpn dia~

Broken someone's heart: pena ka ya???

Cried when someone died: gila la klo aq ckp xpena..susa tu tau..no feeling~

Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : yes!! When i still hav a relationship...(=.=,)

Saved e-mails: bila uda mncecah 1000++ bru aq pdm....hehe

Been Cheated: nda plak aq tau..but i i hav been cheat soe to say..aq xkan pcaya ko ag...


what your room look like: pink plus white......

what is right beside you: meja tmpt ltak brg2 blik..(heater..plug..n mknn aq!)

what is the last thing you ate: nasi kacang + ayam msk merah + sayur lobak (shue ma dayana msk..)


who did you last yelled at: housemate tcyg..pnggil solat bjemaah~

who was the last person you danced with: my housemate jgak..buang tbiat tym kna ctau test cancel...haha

who last made you smile: roommate aq..ummu bru jak wat td..hehe..^_^


what are you listening at now?: shue ma ummu bcerita...

what did you do today: kuliah..mkn..staD..dgr music..tido!

Are you the oldest?: no...2nd..

Indoors and Outdoors?: 50% - 50%


talk to someone you like?: iya kali ar~

kiss anyone?: NO!!

sing?: yes~

talk to an ex?: xda..n aq xmau ag kol dia!!

miss someone?: yes! Yes! Aq tgh rindu stgh mati ma family aq ni skrg!

eat?: bru ja td...


You talked to on the phone?: Afnan yg kin sakit hati!!!

made you cry?: xpyh la tau...

went to the movies with?: With Ummu, Fatin, Zizi, Kak Shasha, Loy, Karl, Yazid, Midin..Tgk Harry Potter..huhu~

you went to the mall with?: Zizi, Fatin, Ummu..Genena Mall at Cairo..haha

who cheered you up?: My housemates!(^_^)


been to mexico?: xsmpi ag...

been to USA? :  maybe someday...


have a crush to anyone?: huh?

what book are you reading right now?: Anatomy..sok test!

best feeling in the world?: make my ummi n abah happy~

Future kids name?: pena tpikir..mau tau?? “ NUR JANNAH IMANI “..cahaya syurga imanku..

do you sleep with a stuffed animal?: NO!

whats under your bed?: klo kat cni..aq xde katil..klo kat sabah..kertas2 exam lama aq..haha

favourite sport(s) : erm..bola baling kot..n bowling!

Favourite place: pantai! aq tenang tgok laut...

who do you really hate?: biar la rahsia~

do you have a job?: now aq student 24/7..


p/s : sok test anat..skali ag..doa kan kami..^_^..tq!!

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